The TMC has cameras that are available on-line.  These cameras are moved to capture the events as they occur at the property.  Some of the cameras are even underwater.  In the spring they are used to record the annual river herring breeding run.   The access to these camers can include control over the direction and focus for those with permissions.



How to connect to the TMC live video feeds


1.  E-mail the TMC to request a user name and password

2.  Instructions for connecting to the TMC cameras  (pdf file)

3.  Instructions for connecting to the TMC cameras  (word doc)

4.  TMC Live Video Cameras


Instructions for accessing the live lines are located -HERE- in adobe pdf. format and through the links at the right.  Before you begin to access the cameras, you will need a user name and password.  They can be obtained by emailing the TMC via the link on the right. You will be provided with a general user access that allows you to view the cameras but not control them.  Control of the cameras is reserved for persons with active projects or specific needs.  To access the cameras, click -HERE-