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       The TMC is developing this educational resource to assist people, students, and instructors in learning about their environment.  This is the begining.  By learning about their environment, they will become more familiar with it and learn to care about it. However, It is not enough to just teach them to care … we must teach them how they can make a difference.  At the Tributary Mill Conservancy we are teaching children (as well as their parents and teachers) to be informed and understand their environment and feel empowered as individuals to make positive changes.  Our goal is to show children a slice-of-life in their own backyard, a slice that in fact, has global significance.  The Atlantic Salmon Restoration Project, as an example, will provide classrooms with a rarely seen look about the work going on in one small tributary of the Connecticut River that has far reaching effects on preventing the extinction of a species.  As our children grow to understand the importance of their roles as stewards of this planet they will be motivated to protect and conserve our natural resources and appreciate the impact they can make for this and future generations – and it can start in their own backyard.

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Environmental Stewardship
Developed by Dr. Joan Silver

This resource is a set of three lesson plans with accompanying PowerPoint presentations.  Instructor notes are provided  as well as practical exercises to accompany the slides.  It is designed to build an awareness in the student about the impacts that the extinction of a species has on our environment and on the human race.  Then the student is exposed to the responsibility that we all have in helping to prevent that from occuring.  And finally the student is shown that they too can make a posative difference.
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slide from lesson two - Globe and quote on stewardship
Slide from Lesson Two
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